Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday evening, Dec. 29. Roy had his blood work done and then we went to see the doctor. The nurse kept bringing out papers for him to read about the treatment he will be having. So, when the doctor came in, he asked Roy if he was ready to go through with the transplant and Roy said yes, that he didn't feel he had much of a choice and the doctor said no, he really didn't. I asked the doctor that if Roy did nothing but continue to have chemo would that be enough and the doctor said no, that as aggressive as Roy's disease was, chemo would not help that his disease would become resistant to the treatment and that he wouldn't be here next year at this time. He left the room to take a page and when he came back, he continued by saying the medium time he would have left would be nine months or less. So, he said he was confident and that Roy would come through this fine, but that they would not be giving him the hardest chemo as it would kill him, so they will be giving him a slightly easier chemo but it would be fine. So he starts chemo tomorrow, has it 12/30; 12/31; 1/1;2; then on 1/3 he will have nothing and on 1/4 he will have the stem cell infusion. So he will be in the hospital 28-30 days and this is if everything goes as planned.

Tommy had the harvest done today and he said the nurse told him that it looked good. He has to go back at 7:30 tomorrow to see if they have enough. If so, his job is done and he can go home and rest. This has been hard on him also because the shots have messed with his normal blood counts and then having the harvest done today that took 4 hours left him rather weak. If they do not have enough cells, they will give him another neupogen shot and do another harvest.

Tommy picked me up at the hospital and we called Colleen and the girls, who were still at the mall, and they met us for dinner. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack and it was a really, really good.

I think Colleen and I will do a little shopping in the morning as Tommy will go see Roy and then Colleen and I will go up in the afternoon.


  1. Best of luck with everything. I will keep sending up the happiest thoughts I can.

  2. Prayers today, more prayers tomorrow, and even more prayers in the month ahead!