Friday, January 1, 2010

Roy had his third day of chemo today so tomorrow his is last day of chemo and then on the 4th he will have the transplant. Beginning tomorrow they will begin giving him anti-rejection medicine through the IV but when he goes home it will be in pill form. He will only have to take that about 6 months. The nurse said that about the 10th day out from the beginning of chemo Roy will be the sickest. His counts will be really low at that time, he will feel tired, no appetite and in general feeling really bad but that this should only last about 3-4 days and then he will start getting better. He is up in a chair or walking most of the time which makes the nurses happy because staying in bed all the time is just welcoming pneumonia - especially with his lung problem. The doctor is really pleased with his lung function so far as that was his big concern.

Whenever he takes a shower, the nurse unhooks his line but commencing tomorrow they will not be unhooking him until he goes home so his IV pole will go with him to the shower. The nurse wrote on his calendar that his projected release date is 1/25/10 but this is barring any complications. So far, so good.

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