Monday, January 11, 2010

I got home from the hospital a couple of hours ago, went to get the propane tank filled and then went to Office Depot to get some patterns copied. Tonight I won't have to unhook the water hose and it is not supposed to freeze - about time. Roy was sitting in the lounge chair when I got there and from the looks of his bed he had been up all day. He was getting a bag of blood when I got there and after that was done he took a shower. Then about 4pm the nurse came in and gave him a neuprogen (sp) shot; he will have a shot each day for 7-10 days - depends on how fast his WBC comes up and by next week we should have an idea if the transplant has worked.

I plan on sleeping in in the morning - I had to get up and take the car in for an oil change and that took a couple of hours and then went to U-Haul twice to have the propane tank filled but there was no one there to pump so I went back this evening and got it filled. Those tanks are really heavy when they are full.

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