Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tues. 1-18-10; day +15 post transplant. I think I miscounted yesterday. Roy had an 8:30 appt for blood work and then we went to another appoint at the ATC, ambulatory treatment center, where he got a bag of magnesium. This took 3 hours. He will be getting this every day for the next two weeks at least, then they will start him on magnesium tablets commencing with one pill and could get to as many as 10 per day, but this will all depend on the blood work that they do. The GVHD, graft vs. host disease, medicine he is on makes the magnesium lower in his body and magnesium is needed for a lot of reasons. The pharmacist told us what but there were so many important things that I will have to ask her again tomorrow. From what I remember her saying, since Roy is on Medicare, Medicare does not allow him to have IV at home or a home health nurse so he will have to continue to go to the hospital. I have seen a few in the park with a bag and IV tube so I would imagine they are receiving something like this at home but they are also younger.

Roy didn't want to wait an hour at the hospital for the shuttle so we walked about 4 blocks and caught the Metro but I don't know if this was a good idea or not as Roy was really hot when we got home and very tired. He took a nap in the recliner but did feel like eating some supper which is good.

The pharmacist said his WBC was lower, 4. something, but told us not to worry as they were watching his counts and we were not to worry until they did. She said the WBC would fluctuate for quite a while; the reason his count had gone up early was because of the neuprogen shots and that if the WBC went too low, they would give him another shot. His platlets were really, really good and his hemoglobin was improving. The pharmacist and ARN, advanced registered nurse, will be in every day to see him and the doctor will be in on Wednesdays to see him, so tomorrow his SCT doctor will be in.

Then at 2p.m. I have to go to IV Therapy and test to see if I know how to flush his lines. Since he will be going in every day, I won't need to do it very soon, I don't think but this is part of hospital policy so I will do it. That means another late day tomorrow. I'm about ready to buy a small crock pot so I can put dinner on to cook before we leave in the mornings but I don't know if I could get anything on before we would have to leave before 7a.m.

So far things are going good but they keep telling us not to be surprised if he has go back in the hospital. There is a fellow in the park, who is doing fine now, but he was even in ICU for several days so even if Roy has to go back in for a set back, that is all it is, a set back.

He will have a bone marrow biopsy Feb. 2 and they said at that time Roy should have have a lot of Tommy's blood showing up.

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