Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday, Jan. 6. Roy was having a rough day today but it was not unexpected by the nurse nor the doctors. They had been asking Roy for the last couple of days if he was having diaherra and he said no. Well, this afternoon, it hit. He started having diaherra; the first time they had to measure it since this is part of his output and the second time the nurse took a sample to check for C-dif. She didn't think it was but just wanted to make sure. That way she will know what kind of meds to give him. She said that she has standing orders from the doctor that if certain things happen she can give him certain things. His rectum was really sore also and burned and she was going to give him something for that also. Roy was really tired and just felt lousy. He had been told several time that this would happen but he has felt so good I guess he thought it would happen to him, but the nurse said she could almost say what day they will get what. She also said she had three patients today and one other and Roy had diaherra, the other one just got her transplant yesterday so she would have it in a couple of days. They are watching for a rash but will not be surprised if and when it happens and they have something they can give him for it. Personally, I think he is doing great but I think he feels he ought to go through this with no problems - which will not happen and he has been told that.

Trudi will be flying in Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. It will be nice to have her here for a few hours. It was nice that Colleen and her girls were here last week and sorry she went home to really, really cold weather and more snow.

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