Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday the 15th was a good day. Roy was sitting in the lounge chair when I got there, said he was feeling pretty good and was getting a back of platlets; had already had a bag of blood. He showed me his blood counts and his WBC was 0.6 - up .5 from yesterday. In a little while a nurse came in with dos and don'ts on discharge as she said the doctor said he would be going home on Monday. Since is WBC was 0.6 today it should be 1.0 Saturday and 1.5 on Sunday so he would go home on Monday. Now, this is saying that everything keeps going in the right direction. Before Roy went in the hospital for his transplant, the took out the port he had had put in at KU Med and they put in a triple lieumen (sp) lines and he has used at three at times - especially when getting a transfusion. On Sunday they will take out one of the lines, so he will come home with only two. He has a schedule for Tuesday morning for blood work and possible treatment and this will be the routine for 2 weeks. After that, we don't know yet. We will be here 100 days from Jan. 4. I also told Roy that even though he has done so well there is a great likelihood that he will be going back in the hospital a time or two with fevers and he said he understands. It is just one of the things to be expected. I talked to a lady whose husband was in the room next to Roy's and was on his 41st day post-transplant but was there with a fever and infection but he was discharged yesterday so even though he will probably be back in the hospital it will not mean things have gone wrong.

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  1. I'm so glad that things are looking good and that he might get out early. I'm sure you'll enjoy having someone else to deal with propane tanks and water hoses & such. ;)