Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st - it has been 16 months since Roy's transplant and he is doing great. Yesterday he was down as he had blood work done Thursday and they were lower than what he had had done three weeks prior. He was sure he was out of remission and on and on, so I said email your doctor and tell him. He got the results of the blood work and didn't call Roy so he wasn't concerned. One time a nurse told him not to worry and they would tell him when it was time to worry. So Roy emailed his doctor, after I told him 3 or 4 times to do it, at 6:37 p.m. and he had an answer back at 6:44 p.m. Now, that is what I call service and Dr. C has always been this prompt. He said there was nothing to worry about, that would do a couple other blood tests and he would see him at his regular appt time, May 24. I wish I could get Roy to sell, move to a warmer climate and do a little traveling while we both are able, but I don't think that will ever happen. Roy told the doctor he had really been tired the last couple of months but so have I but I just attributed that to getting older, plus Roy has put in a garden which is hard work. I don't know, I suppose we will just sit and rot. At least I have my quilting business and it is booming. I would think with the way the economy is that the quilting business would be one of the first to get hit as to me it is a luxury but I am glad others don't think so.

Also, the end of March, my niece called and said my brother was in ICU in Tulsa and not expected to live. She was in Florida visiting her folks and Mike, my nephew was out of the country on business. They wanted me to go be with Gary until they could get home so I took off and got there shortly before midnight. Gary was very, very sick but he has gradually improved. He was in ICU for 5 weeks but has now been moved to a rehab hospital; they took the breathing tube out before he left ICU but put in a trach to help his lungs and heart not have to work so hard. So that has been stressful for me as well.

The middle of April, a friend and I went to another friend's place for a week of sewing. While there I bought a puppy, emailed the girls and told them but not Roy. He was not too happy with me and still isn't, but at least he talks to him now. It is a toy poodle and just a doll. His name is Ben and is chocolate and white. His body hair is not curly but his head and rear end are and a lot of folks thinks he has some shu zitz u (sp? not correct) and he could have. Never really barks unjless we are playing with him and loves to sit on my lap in the evenings and sleep.

So life goes on. I will write when we get back from Houston to let everyone know how he is.

You know, if it would warm up and the sun would shine I think we both would feel better. I'm beginning to think I have the light deficiency problem (can't remember what it is called) as I function much better in the sunlight. Roy talked to a friend yesterday that he hadn't seen for a long time, and the friend told Roy he and his wife had a 40' motor home and just got back from Arizona and California. I said that would be wonderful; wish we could do that. No comment. Whenever we talk to the granddaughters in Florida via skype, they always ask when we are coming to Florida and grandpa never answers. I'm ready to go anytime. I know we don't have a lot of money but boy I would sure rather spend it while I'm able and not wait until I can't enjoy it.

Enough rambling. Thanks for listening all.

Friday, February 25, 2011

It has been several months since I last posted so want to get all up to date and "vent" a little bit. Roy's appointment was January 19 but he went to Texas around the 5th of January to stay with his brother in China Spring, Texas to help him move into their new house. He then went on to Houston to M.D. Anderson. He went by himself this time as I had gone to Florida to see our daughter and family. I stayed an extra week because of the snow that Kansas had. All of Roy's tests came back great and he goes back in May. He had some booster shots and will get more, or others, in May. Since he has been home we have been having snow and more snow and daughter in Florida would like us to move there, or at least come down there, but I can't get him to move. Right now he has had a cough with a lot of phlegmn the last couple of weeks and you would think he is the only one that has had that bad of a cough and lasted that long. They have listened to his lungs - they are clear; he has had a sinus and chest x-ray and they are both good so he is on an antibiotic but he thinks he ought to feel better immediately. Oh men, they are terrible babies when they are sick.

Enough of that, so will discuss the snow. Roy said we are forecast to get more this weekend and that doesn't help his disposition. Life does go on.

Roy is almost 14 months post transplant and everything is still going great. Couldn't ask for anything better. The Lord has answered all prayers; if only he would/could enjoy the life he has been given.

Enough griping, need to get back to quilting.