Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trudi got here Friday afternoon and I took her to the airport this afternoon - Sunday. It was sure nice to have her here, even though it was a short visit. Friday and Saturday Roy was in bed when we got to the hospital and didn't feel well at all, but today he was sitting in a chair, looked better and said he felt better but just very weak. His blood count this morning said his WBC was 0.0 so he has no immune system right now. Roy said the doctor told him about day 14 is when we will know if the transplant is working, but the doctor also told him yesterday that he was just sailing right along and doing great. Roy said he didn't feel great but I told him I thought he was and he was right on schedule for what is supposed to be happening.

One of my propane tanks ran out the other morning and I went to get it filled but there was noone pumping propane at the U-Haul store and the other one charges too much so I will get it filled after getting the oil changed in my car in the morning and then go to the hospital. I really need to do some laundry this afternoon, but that can wait.

The sun is shining today, even though it is still chilly. One of these nights I won't have to unhook the water hose so it won't freeze.

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