Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today, Dec. 2. Roy started running a fever yesterday morning and we had instructions from the very start from the leukemia nurses and doctor to go to the emergency room immediately and we did that. They started giving him IV antibiotics to get the temp down, did a chest x-ray which came back fine, took some blood from his arm to get some cultures - which have not come back yet - and took blood from his port for regular blood work. His platlets and RBC were't too bad since he had had transfusions the evening before but his WBC was .3 - really low and that was the reason for the fever.

I left the hospital about 6:30 and drove him in a driving rain which wasn't much fun since it was dark, wasn't too sure the way to go at first and driving that big truck, but I made it without any trouble so I can do it. I caught the RV shuttle this morning and that is much easier as it is very expensive to park here. I was here about 7 hours yesterday and it was $11. Can't afford too much of that very often.

They finally got Roy to his room about 11:30 and he is on the 12th floor which just opened yesterday. He was the second patient to get on this floor. The rooms are big, nice and very clean. He almost has as much room here as in the RV.

The doctors said he would probably be here a couple more days at least but that will all depend on if his temperature stays down. This was fully expected but it still upsets when he he has to come but after he is here and starts feeling better he is okay with it. Everyone here is very, very caring and nice.

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