Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Nov. 30 has been spent all day at the hospital. Roy had blood work at 7:45 this morning, saw the nurse who said his counts were steady but needed to have platlets and blood both. The appointment for these were at 1p.m. so after talking to the nurse we went and had lunch. The transfusion unit was running late as they were really busy but we got in at 2p.m. So they gave him the benadryl and tylenol and started the platlets about 2:30. It takes about 45 minutes for platlets to run and then he had to have to bags of blood. It takes two hours for each bag to run.

Roy had an appointment Wednesday and got a bag of platlets but no blood. He didn't have another appointment until Saturday morning and the nurse said his counts weren't low enough to have a tranfusion of any kind which kind of surprised us. The nurse Wednesday told us that the orders for Saturday would be "if his counts were a certain level" he would have to or not have transfusions. The nurse today told us if she had written the orders he would have had transfusions. Roy started feeling better after the first bag of blood so he should be good to go for a couple of days. We don't have to come back until Wednesday and the nurse said that today's transfusions should get him through to the end of the cycle. He sees the doctor on the 9th so we will find out how things are going now.

We asked the nurse if there was a preliminary result on the bone marrow he had last Wednesday and she said it was early but that his blasts were still high. But she said this was really early so Roy will probably have another bone marrow and then we will see what way they go but I would imagine he will have more chemo. The doctor told us at the beginning if the blasts were what they wanted that they would give him move and even when the blasts got to what they wanted they would probably give him a short round of chemo just to keep him in remission until they would do the transplant.

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