Friday, November 6, 2009

Roy had blood work this morning, counts were lower but not low enough for a transfusion. We also saw the doctor and he talked to us about a clinical research study for folks over 55 with AML that has returned after treatment. The research nurse also talked to us and gave us a 15 page article to read this weekend. The study is giving patients cytarabine, a chemo, and Roy has tolerated this well and it has worked for him, and then combine this with clofarabine which is only FDA approved for children. So in this study he will receive cytarabine and either clofarabine or a placebo. The hospital won't know which he gets.

On Monday we go back for blood work and possible transfusion. Then Wednesday we go back to see the doctor and to be admitted for treatment. The treatment is for 5 days and then after 14-21 days they will do a bone marrow biopsy to see how he has reacted. If his counts have not gone down they will stop the study and start him on some other type of chemo. If his counts have gone down to a certain level, but not all the way, he will have a consolidation round of the same cytarabine and the additive, but this will only be for 4 days. So right now, it looks as if we might have added another month on to our stay. I am going to be wishing for a washer/dryer in the RV so I don't have to collect quarters. Oh well, I get my exercise going to the laundry room.

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