Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well, Tuesday the 3rd has arrived and I am up early eating breakfast and wondering what the day will bring. There is a couple up the row from us and they have been here since August. They are from the Abilene, Texas area and he has lung cancer. His doctors caught it early and sent him to MDA. He has had chemo and the tumor has shrunk enough that they will be doing surgery. He said that we will really like everything at MDA and that Roy is the right place. Sure wish he had consented to come early but that can't be undone so I need to stop thinking that.

When we got here, Roy only paid up to next Sunday as we don't know what the doctors will say about his health. If they tell us they want to do the stem cell we will then pay for longer and have no idea how long we will be here then. This is a nice park, not fancy by any means, but quiet and very secure. Have a security fence all the way around with 3 rows of barbed wire on top of that and have to have a security code to get in.

The folks that we were talking to yesterday said that about 75%of those here are at MDA. I have seen tags from Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas. I am sure there are more but the way RVs are parked I am not able to see the license plate and not always out when the car/truck is parked in front. I saw a lady pulling two children in a wagon yesterday and she had a shirt on that said something about cancer on it and I'm wondering if they might be going to the Children's Hospital. We drove over there yesterday just to get an idea where it was and the hospital complexes are huge. The buildings all have names, their own parking garages and entrance numbers. We are going to entrance two and the Craig building on MD Anderson Parkway and Holcombe. Sure hope the shuttle guy knows where it is - I am sure he does. I have the shuttle schedule posted on the frig door so I don't lose it.

I have my sewing bag packed, am taking along a tape recorder in case I need it, a note pad to write on and will be wearing my walking shoes.

Need to think about getting ready. It is 5:50 and the bus leaves at 7:05 and we have to be there at 7:30. The bus doesn't get there until 7:37 but didn't want to take the 6:05 bus. Roy's appointment is at 8:30 and the paperwork said to be there an hour early but we figured this would be close enough. He has his questionnaire all filled out so I guess he is ready. I read through it and some of his answers I don't think he is being quite honest with himself but I didn't say anything. i.e. pain in his neck, ability to work, depression or worry. But hopefully I'll be there to shake my head and put in my two cents worth.

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  1. All the love and support I can send from Natchez is headed your way.