Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, 11-23. We had a good weekend. Rained all day Saturday so we didn't do much. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and washed the sheets and hung them out. The weather was perfect yesterday.

Today Roy had blood work and saw a nurse to see how he was doing. We fully expected him to have to have some transfusions but his counts are holding steady so they didn't have to do anything so we didn't have to stay at the hospital as long as we thought we might have to. We go back Wednesday for blood work and then a bone marrow test. The nurse said he might have to have platlets prior to the bone marrow but we will see. This test will just be a preliminary test to see if his blasts are doing anything at all. This will determine the next plan of action.

Life is good and we are enjoying the warm weather.

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