Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well, we had the appointments today. They had trouble stopping the bleeding from the stem cell so we knew his counts were low but hoping he was still in remission. While he was seeing the doctor this afternoon, they called and said the blasts were 31%, 5% is remission, so out of remission. We go back Friday for blood work and to see the leukemia doctor again and he will tell us his plan of action. He is thinking trying a combination of different chemos that aren't too strong and get in back into remission. As soon as he is in remission he will see the SCT doctor and decide when he is going to be able to start that part. Looks like we will be in Houston for some time but that is okay if we can get him well.

The weather is great and have met some nice folks and all are going through cancer problems. MDA is a wonderful hospital and everyone is very, very nice and helpful. It is a good thing we can read which elevator to take to get to the appointments. Most of leukemia is B elevator, 8th floor. I have that down pat.

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