Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is Saturday, Nov. 14 and Roy has had three days of chemo and is doing great. For lunch he is eating sweet potato fries and a bar-b-que sandwich. Here at the hospital, when the patient orders, the food arrives in 30-45 minutes and it is hot. They don't bring all the trays up at once, but individually. I would imagine one reason is that with cancer patients they aren't all hungry at the same time. Also, they have a guest menu which is good.

I rode the Metro bus this morning at the shuttle from the RV park does not run on Saturdays or Sundays. the bus stopped about 5 or 6 blocks away and I made it to the hospital okay. Now it will be a challenge to get back to the bus and I want to make sure I do it before dark.

Roy talked to a fiend of his in Topeka last evening and he told him that he possible could be here in April when his friend and his wife come back for her six month check-up. At least he is realizing we won't be going home real soon.

Colleen and the girls are driving down the week between Christmas and New Years. They will be bringing my car so I will feel more like driving around. I am going to get out tomorrow and go to the grocery store and things so we'll see how I get along.

So far it is going good. Hope things still continue to be good when his counts drop. They will do a bone marrow two weeks after he started his chemo to see if his blasts have dropped. That way they can tell if what they gave him is working. At 21 days they will do another bone marrow test. If he is below 5% blasts they will give him another 3 days of chemo and then will give him time to recover before getting the chemo for the stem cell. If the blasts aren't low enough, I think they said they will give him another five days of chemo. Of course, this will all said before Roy started treatment and possibly things could change.

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