Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finally made it in to the blog - wouldn't take my sign-in name and password. Roy finished his platlets at 11:00 p.m. last evening and was getting cranky with the nurse. The nurse told us that security had a bus that would take us to the Metro bus stop. When we got downstairs the bus was there and it delivered several hospital workers to parking lots and then took us to the Metro bus stop. When we got there the bus we needed was there so we didn't have to wait on that and we got back to the RV park about 11:30p.m. The bus stop is just a few feet north of the RV park so we didn't have to walk far.

Roy checked the MDA website for his appointments and they have them listed through Dec. 6. He has to go in for blood work at 6:45 tomorrow morning so that means we will have to catch the 6:06 bus. Then we see the nurse about 8:15 to go over the counts. By being that early if he needs any transfusions we won't have to wait until late, late evening to get them. I will probably take a nap this afternoon.

Roy has a bone marrow biopsy on the 25th so we will see how things are going at that time.

I need to get some more handwork ready as I got one block finished and another almost done yesterday. I have to have something to do while waiting. Sure wish Roy enjoyed reading or something to help him pass the time.

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