Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today, Wednesday, I am at the hospital - again. The doctor said Roy's liver enzymes were a little high so they were going to change or add a different antiobitic. I forget which he said. So a little later, a gal came in and started an antiobitic that he has been on and will do a different one later. Then a gal from the lab came in and drew several vials of blood. She had to poke him since he had antibiotics running through the port and they couldn't stop that.

When Roy got up on the floor Tuesday evening there were only two patients on the floor. When I was here yesterday there were five; today there are about 15 I think. They have been very busy here. A worker told Roy that this floor was here; that they just remodeled it but they are going to be adding 12 more floors to the top of this building. There is so much building going on in this complex it is just amazing. And the grounds/landscape workers are busy all the time. There are roses blooming outside and lots of other flowers blooming. Someone told me that if the flowers start to fade, the workers replace them with blooming flowers. I don't know what will happen this evening as it is supposed to get to 29*, with possible ice and snow tomorrow. If that is true, I told Roy I would not be here.

Roy is supposed to have a bone marrow next Monday so if he is still here I am sure they will do it here. We know he will be here at least through tomorrow and if the weather is bad I'd just as soon they keep him another day. They probably will as long as they have him on antibiotics and with his liver enzymes being high and still running a slight fever.

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