Monday, December 7, 2009

Roy was supposed to have a bone marrow today but the nurse said it didn't get moved from out patient to in patient. The doctor was not very happy about it. So the doctor said they would do it first thing in the morning and would have a preliminary result by afternoon. If it comes back that he is not in remission, they will keep him and start chemo again. If he is in remission - well, he didn't say. Roy's WBC has started to go back up but he is still on antibiotics; his hemoglobin was low enough this morning that he is now receiving a bag of blood but doesn't need any platlets today.

I am afraid this is going to be a long haul for us but at least we have a nice place to stay.

Tommy and Cindy will be here the end of the week and Tommy will have blood work to get him typed for the stem cell. That will be a good break for Roy. Then in a couple more weeks Colleen and the girls will be down for several day. I told Colleen I would take them to the Galleria Mall for them to buy their Christmas presents. I want to check and see if the Metro train runs to the Mall as I would like to take that once while I am here. If the weather is good, the girls want to go to the beach and Bailey wants to get a suntan but I think that will have to wait until spring break for her to do that.

I have been getting quite a bit of applique done and need to get another couple blocks ready for my sewing bag.

I went to the grocery store this morning - it is sort of an international store - really neat. I enjoyed just walking around looking at things. Some of the vegetables I had never heard of.

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