Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, the 17th. Roy had an appointment with his SCT doctor this morning. It was a busy and whirlwind meeting. We knew that Roy had 1% blast but the biopsy still showed disease. The doctor said we needed to do the transplant ASAP (his words). So, he wants Tommy back down here for testing on Monday and then appointment with him on the 22nd. Roy will have another bone marrow on the 24th; enter the hospital on the 27th; Tommy will be back on the 28th and will enter the hospital to have his bone marrow harvested. This will be done under a general anesthetic but he will be able to go home that evening. Roy will then have the transplant on Jan. 5.

If the biopsy on the 24th shows that Roy is not in remission, he will have another round of chemo to get him back in remission and then do the transplant. The doctor said they would freeze Tommy's marrow until ready to give to Roy but we are thinking positive that Roy is still in remission and will be ready to go. The chemo they give him prior to the stem cell will be really strong - as best I can remember it will be for three days so that way he will have almost a week to rest before the transplant. So if everything goes as planned, he will most likely be in the hospital all of January.

We will be going to the hospital about every day between now and then for testing. The doctor said that all the tests he had done at his first meeting will be done again and possibly others done as well.

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