Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, Dec. 21. What a busy, long day again. I guess we should be used to that by now. Roy's first appointment was at 6:50 for a CT scan of his neck and head - they were checking out his sinuses. Then at 11:00 he had an appointment to have the port removed that he has had for 3 years and another line put in; this one has 3 extensions to it. It took a little longer than planned as they had to give him a bag of platlets before they could start. His counts were not low enough if it had been just a regular appointment but the Invusion Therapy folks have different guide line levels. He didn't get in to get started until noon and it was about 3:30 when they were done. After that, I had to take him down to x-ray to have them check it out and see if it was in properly; then back up to infusion therapy. We left there around 4:30. Tommy had been there all day doing his appointments so he brought us home so we didn't have to ride the shuttle.

Tommy checked into his motel and took us by the RV to drop off some things and then we went out to eat. We found a great Mexican restaurant - not the one we were starting out for, but it was sure good and I am sure stuffed.

The site that they did Roy's line in, is really sore this evening. Probably all the meds they gave him when they did it has worn off. He took some pain pills and I told him to take some more before he goes to bed. I think we are turning in early as we caught the 6:06a.m. bus this morning and will catch the 7:06 bus tomorrow. Tomorrow shouldn't be as long - we only have appointments scheduled in the morning but I won't bet we'll only be there in the morning.

I attended a class this afternoon while Roy was getting his line that teaches caregivers how to take care of the line and change the dressings. I have to take it at least one more time and Roy wants to do it too, so I think tomorrow afternoon we'll do that. They do them at 10:30 and at 1:30 each day. Since Roy has three lines, I need to get real good at it. I'm not worried about the dressing changes until he has had his stem cell and will be coming home. I really could wait and go again on how to flush the lines and such until he gets ready to come home but Roy wants to go and I don't want him to do that when he gets out of isolation from having the stem cell so we will probably do it tomorrow.

Tommy doesn't have any appointments tomorrow but does have some Wednesday and we have a full day Wednesday also.

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