Friday, December 11, 2009

We had a good doctor's appointment today. Roy's counts are going up and his blasts were 1%. The leukemia doctor said he didn't consider him in complete remission until his counts were higher but he was very happy that the chemo worked and that his blasts were almost nil. So for now he will be going to the doctor every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and he would see us in a couple of weeks. We will be talking with the SCT coordinator to tell her that he his clean right now and what about the SCT. Tommy was here this weekend and got his blood work done for the HLA typing. The doctor said that even though the KU Med had done it, MDA needs their own but we don't need to worry because once a match, he would always be a match. The nurse said we would know in about two weeks.

Also, Roy will probably have a consolidation round of chemo to keep him in remission. If they can't do the SCT for several weeks, Roy could have a couple rounds of consolidation chemo but we won't know that for a while.

But for now, things are going good.

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