Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good morning everyone. It is misty and cloudy here in Houston today. I didn't get to the hospital until after 1p.m. so probably won't be staying too long as I like to get home before dark. I also need to get groceries when I get home. I did laundry this morning and ran the sweeper before I caught the bus to the hospital.

Roy is feeling about the same. The charge nurse came in and talked to him about the "fall" precaution that is posted on his door. She apologized for what the night gal told him and explained why they do the precaution and the different levels. She also asked me to put on a gown when I come in or if Roy goes out he has to put on a gown. That is the standard for this floor and that is okay. They just came in and asked Roy how much he had had to drink today and it really isn't much so I don't know what they will do. He is on a bag of antibiotic right now. Tomorrow he is going to have a bone marrow so don't know if he will get to come home after that is over is not. Guess we will just play it by ear.

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