Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This is Wednesday, Dec. 9 - rent day. When the doctor saw Roy yesterday, he told Roy that he was going to send him home after the bone marrow as he could wait for the results at home just as well as in the hospital, so in the middle of the afternoon he came home. His next appointment is Friday morning for blood work and then see the leukemia doctor at 2:40 with the results and the next plan of action. If he is not in remission I am sure they will put him back in the hospital for more chemo and even if he is in remission they might put him back in to do a consolidation round of chemo, 3 days, just for good measure. Then we will wait and see how long it will be before he can do the stem cell.

So, today I plan on running the sweeper and doing some sewing. The sun is shining so I probably should wash the sheets so I can hang them out, but I will have to wait until Roy gets up. The park has clothes lines for us to use. Saves quarters that way.

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  1. So glad that he's back home relaxing. I hope you both take it easy today and tomorrow.