Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We will be leaving for Houston tomorrow morning. Roy talked to the hospital (MD Anderson) yesterday and again today. The lady he talked to today said the doctor was looking at his records but was wondering if he had seen a doctor since August. Roy told them he saw them in September and had a bone marrow biopsy the 5th of this month. MDA didn't have them so Roy called KU Med and got a voice mail and told the nurse that she needed to send this to MDA. Hopefully they did. I have been telling Roy there is no need to wait until they call with an appointment, especially if they would need him there in a day or two. So this morning he said we just as well go on down, if I wanted to. So I got busy and finished putting things in the RV. I called the RV place and told them we wouldn't be there until Friday instead of Wednesday like I first told them. I've got a list of things I need to put in the RV in the morning and need to check my clothes to see if I have everything. Don't know whether to take hot or cool clothing so I guess I'll take both. I'll have to make sure that Roy has what he needs. Whenever he's been in the hospital at the KU Med he always wears gym shorts and I asked him this morning if he had those out yet to take and he said he would have to look for them. I know he hasn't worn them for about 10 months and if you could see his room you would wonder if he can find them. I did buy him some new sweat pants and have those in the camper already; also bought him some new socks. I figure he can do the rest.

I'll let you all know how things are going for us in a day or two.

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