Sunday, October 18, 2009

I guess we aren't leaving for Houston today so I am doing laundry and quilting. At least I will have all the laundry done before we leave and not have to take too much with us. Roy seems to be feeling okay but just seems as if he can't get to making decisions real fast or easy. As I've said before, I hope Roy realizes how sick he is going to be if they do the tranplant. If he is not eligible for the transplant, I do hope they will give him some hope of what he can do to stay in remission. And I'm also going to ask them to give him something for depression. He doesn't think he needs anything but when you sit and do nothing or sleep I think he needs something.

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  1. I just wish he would let YOU make the decisions for him. Hopefully you'll leave in the next day or two and get things started.