Saturday, October 17, 2009

Roy aired up the tires of the RV this morning so I don't know if that means we are leaving tomorrow or not. But I have my clothes, most of my sewing supplies and a few groceries loaded so I am about ready. I'm going to try and do laundry but will take our dirty clothes in a garbage bag and do it later. I finished binding a quilt and got one quilted and delivered today. If we are going to be here for a few more days I will put another one in the machine and get it done.

I am thinking there might be something wrong with Roy's blood count as he has a red rash on his face. He says it doesn't itch or anything but looks like it could. He has had this before when his counts start going down. I think we ought to go on down and wait for the hospital to call with an appointment but he wants to wait, but by going down we could enjoy the nice weather. I don't see any reason to wait but I can't talk him into doing that. Guess I'll do what he wants since this is his call anyway.

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