Thursday, October 15, 2009

I called a couple of my clients this evening to ask if they needed the quilts I have here that I need to quilt before leaving for Texas. I have one - a small one - so will try and get it done tomorrow. I am working on the binding on a quilt and going to try and get it done before we leave. Hopefully I can talk Roy into leaving Sunday. I would like to go through Tulsa and see my brother and then on down to Houston.

I just hope that if M.D. Anderson does do the SCT, that Roy realizes he is going to be very sick. He was told this over a year ago at the KU Med Center, but sometimes I don't think he hears it all. If they won't do the SCT, hopefully they will give him a regemin(sp) to follow. Sure wish he had done this three years ago but he wouldn't. I asked him many times. I think it took the doctors at the Med Center leaving and the scare that he might be out of remission last month when his blood counts went so low. He hasn't had any blood checks for a week so hopefully they are going up.

When he was diagnosed, he just sort of went into a shell and I have had a terrible time getting him to do anything, even going to visit his grandkids. He always says, what if I get sick while I'm gone, I can't think that far ahead and more and more.

Hopefully we will hear from the Hospital tomorrow and will have something more concrete to plan with. I'm ready to go to Texas now and wait for the Hospital to call us there. I think we need to be there when they call with an appointment instead of driving like mad to get there when they call needing to see us in two days. I'll still work on him.

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