Friday, April 23, 2010

We left the hospital about 4:30 this afternoon. Shortly before Roy finished his second bag of fluids the nurse drew blood to test for potassium and it came back 5.5 which is 1. lower than this morning when it was 6.6. So we got to come home; it has been a long day and I'm going to bed. Roy has to be at the Med Center at 8a.m. Sunday and they will do a blood draw and check for potassium and creatinine levels and most likely will have another bag of fluids. We then will go back Friday and see the SCT doctor.

The doctor told us that Roy is doing great - this is day 109 - and that 60% of those that have had transplants will develop some type of GvHD, most likely a rash on the hands or feet or mouth sores but by catching it early it is very treatable.

We saw a lot of nurses that we had seen when he was here before in the hospital and treatment area at the clinic. Roy felt very comfortable there and said it would be much closer and easier than MDA and going down every month and calling if something goes wrong, so I guess that is what we will do. We will need to talk to the doctor more on Friday when Roy goes for his appointment.

Good night folks, and blessings to all.

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