Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday, April 4. Saturday, Tommy and Cindy came down to see us but it turned out to be quite an evental Saturday. I've know, or suspected, for about a week that Roy was having some depression but he would not admit it. A week ago this past Thursday we had a SCT survivorship class and some of the things they talked about really sent him for a loop. Ever since then he had not been eating well, nor functioning well. Thursday when we saw the SCT doctor I told him about Roy's reaction but Roy said that he was okay now. Saturday morning he was really dragging and Tommy took him to the motel to check in and while there, Roy said he needed to go to the ER that he couldn't do it anymore. He thought he could do it but it was too much. So Tommy brought him back here to the RV and Roy was just in tears, so Tommy took my car and took Roy to the hospital. Tommy said the nurse asked Roy a few questions and said he was in full blown depression but was not suicidal yet. They kept him about 3 hours, gave him a prescription for a couple of meds and a liter of fluids.

So today they came by and wanted to drive down to Galveston to check on some RV parks. Roy was laying down but I asked him if he wanted to go so he reluctantly got up and went with us. The doctor told us Thursday when we saw him that Roy was free to leave and go home. We said he had an appointment Monday with another doctor so Dr. Ciurea said he would see us Tuesday. That he wants Roy to make an appt. with the KU Med as soon as we get back home and he is to to twice a week for fluids and blood work. Roy has been having trouble drinking enough water and his creatin level is getting higher. Then besides going to KU Med twice a week, Dr. Ciurea said we would be coming down here once a month for six months. I told Roy it is silly to go home, drive 65 miles each way twice a week and then have to drive back down here for appt. May 7, that we should just stay here for that six months but he kept saying, I don't know, we'll see - could not make a decision. So yesterday he told us at lunch that he thought we needed to stay. The nurse told him at the hospital that not being able to drink was part of the depression problem. This morning he had his morning meds laying on the table in front of him for over an hour before he could take them. He has always had problems taking pills but nothing like this and that is part of the depression also.

So, we will see how the meds work and what the doctors have to say. They didn't have an appt for him when he left so we will check the computer to see when they have one scheduled. But it has gotten so that he hardle takes a shower or changes clothes unless he has a doctor's appt - which has been once a week and that is not like Roy.

So, life goes one. This is just another bump in the road but we will get through it. When I thought we were going home I had made an appointment with my doctor to have a test run that I had cancelled when we came down here and needs to be done so I am going to call her tomorrow and see if I can have my papers sent down here and I'll see about getting a doctor down here. Things could be worse and they will get better.

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  1. We're all pulling for you! I wish I could do more.