Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh my, I lost another one so here goes again. Roy saw his SCT doctor and he told Roy that he shouldn't be depressed with the way things are going; that he has done better than anyone thought and with no problems. Roy told him he was concerned about his creatine levels not being in the normal range, 1.3 is on the high part of normal, but Roy's was 1.6 today; last Thursday it was 2.0 He also told Roy that if Roy needed to worry, he would tell him. Dr. Ciurea said there was no reason why we shouldn't go home; that if we ever had questions or concerns, just email him and he would get back with us. We know that is true as he has always answered our emails in a short time. We have a great doctor.

Our rent is up the 8th so I would like to head out at that time as I have a doctor's appt. on Tuesday and need some blood work done so I can get some prescriptions refilled. Roy has an appointment with the pain doctor for a shot in his neck but this was really our (my) choice as Roy is on a muscle relaxant and pain medicine which is really helping. When we come back in a month to see Dr. Ciurea we could always do it then if needed. Roy will need to make an appointment with a SCT doctor at the KU Med Center to see him and have blood work once a week. Dr. Ciurea said Roy could go to the hospital in Topeka for fluid IVs if needed. We are taking a packet of instructions back to the doctor so they know exactly what is needed to be sent back to MDA. It is funny to read part of it - they need so many vials of blood and they need to be in certain colored tops, how to pack and how to send. Very, very specific.

Our camping club is having a get together the 17th and it would be nice to be able to join them. But we'll see.

So, a great big thanks to all family and friends for your prayers, thoughts and concerns.

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