Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday, May 6. Roy decided to come back to MDA so see his SCT doctor and that is where we have been all day. His blood work is great and the doctor's appointment went good also. I really do like Dr. Ciurea. He just sat and talked and asked questions - never in a hurry. We told him of our experience with the doctor at KU Med and Roy's concerns. So the plan of action is this --- when we get home Roy is to contact a hematologist at Stormont Vail who will listen to Roy and will work with Dr. Ciurea. If the first one will not, get another one. When we get one, that doctor is to contact Dr. Ciurea and Dr. Ciurea will tell him what type of blood draw he wants and how much and when to give Roy fluids. He is to have that done once a week. Then every other week we will be coming down here to see Dr. Ciurea and he will do more extensive blood work to regulate his meds. He asked Roy if that would be a financial hardship and Roy said no, so I guess that is what we will do.

Roy really itched last night and today and had a slight rash so they were checking him for GvHD but if he has any it is light. But that is also another reason Dr. C. wants to keep a close watch on Roy. The doctor's assistant was checking him before Dr. C. came in and said some of the spots looked like shingles and I said, Oh I hope not. They hurt and itch. I've had them before. She said he could get them because his immune system is so compromised but since they didn't hurt she was sure it wasn't but would be watching.

Instead of pulling the rv back and forth each time I told Roy we ought to see about a motel for a couple of nights if they could get the appointments all on one day but he said he was going to talk to his brother in China Spring to see if we could leave it there and that way we would only be driving the rv about 4 hours and just drive the truck back and forth. So we will see. I know we checked into motels for this week but there were no vacancies and when we got here we found out there was a big convention at Reliant Center. But Roy hasn't talked to his brother yet. I know it is a hassle but I sure do like having my own bed and things around. The only bad thing about leaving the rv in Texas is that we won't be able to go to our camping club campouts. When they camp close to home we can go over in the evenings to eat with them but will miss the monthly campouts.

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