Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27. We left for MDA on Tuesday, the 25th and stopped in Tulsa to see my brother and his family. What a wonderful place my brother has and a wonderful son and daughter-in-law for what they have fixed up for him.

Roy had blood work this morning and it is great. The hemoglobin is a little on the low side still but is going up each time. It isn't very low nor as low as it has been in the past. Then he saw the doctor and the doctor said he is doing so good that Roy doesn't have to come back until July which will be the six month check-up post transplant. At that time they will also do a bone marrow to get a good read on what is going on. The doctor also said he didn't need to go get blood work every week at the hospital in Topeka as he had been doing but every other week would be fine. Right now he is back at the hospital getting his CVC (central venous catheter) line taken out so that means I don't have to change bandages, flush and cap any more, but does mean he has to be stuck each time for blood work but if it is only every two weeks he can stand that.

His creatinine level has really gone down, which is a good thing, but Roy has been drinking more water also, but he must continue drinking. The doctor saw his 64oz mug and said he was going to have to get all his patients one like that.

I must say that when we came to Houston the first of November, neither one of us had any idea of what to expect in the way of doctors, tests, nor treatment but we both feel we have had two of the best doctors, that they do every test needed and sometimes repeat the tests, and the treatment was tailored to fit Roy's age and condition which is one reason for the fantastic outcome. But also, for all the prayers that went our way, leading the doctors in decisions that needed to be made and for the healing of Roy's body. We see so many down here that are much weaker and worse off that Roy ever was that we feel truly blessed to have gone through this like we did. To all of you that kept us in your prayers - a big thanks and a hug to each one - you are special.