Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wed. Feb. 3. It has been a while since I have written but it has been rather quiet and uneventful here in Houston. As a quilting friend of mine told me (her husband also has AML and had a transplant about 8 years ago) those of us that are dealing with AML like boring. That means things are going along good.

Roy had a bone marrow yesterday and today when the doctor saw him he told Roy that his blast was 1% which is really, really good. In fact Roy is doing so good that the doctor said he won't have to have another bone marrow until day 90. Today is day 30 and they usually do them on day 30, 60 and 90 but we get to skip day 60. Roy has had some diaherra off and on but so far it is just caused by magnesium and not a graft/host problem as it can be controlled by Imodium - not the over the counter kind but a prescription kind. They have also taken him off one of his virus antibiotics as it was making his liver function go high. So they are giving him a different kind by IV for a few days. They are also going to be checking his blood to see if he has any signs of the donor blood type yet. They said it should start showing up.

We go every day for blood work and IV therapy. It is a bag of fluid with magnesium in it and then today he also had the antibiotic. Since Roy is on Medicare, Medicare won't let him bring a pump home as those not on Medicare can, so we go in every day. We can't figure out why Medicare won't let him bring home a pump instead of paying for a hospital call every day.

The doctor and nurse are real happy with Roy's progress. They said his body has been through a lot but is doing great. It still amazes me that KU Med Center in Kansas City couldn't, or wouldn't, fix up a regime for him to have a transplant but that they would here, without any qualms in doing it.

So hopefully, the next several weeks will be boring.

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