Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, Feb. 11. Life has been going along fairly uneventful and that is good for us. We saw the doctor yesterday and he is real pleased with the way is going; the only thing is they would like him to drink more water but he has a hard time doing that. They had decreased him to two hours of fluids but today they upped it to 3 hours. They have also changed that he only needs blood work Monday, Wednesday and Friday; so that cuts down part of what needs to be done each day. The doctor gave us a report on his bone marrow test "The post-transplant microsatellite polymorphism pattern is identical to the donor pattern MRN 816533 (Tommy and his medical number - this was not in the report but for you all) which is compatible with successful engraftment. No chimerism is observed." From what I understand chimerism to be, this means Roy's blood type has not changed yet to Tommy's blood type, but this will be happening soon. It also says "No morphological or immunophenotypical evidence of acute leukemia." So as far as they can say, he has no more leukemia. He is taking a lot of pills, but not as many as I thought he might have to take, so hopefully that will keep him from getting the graft v. host disease. I know one of the pills he takes they said he will be taking for six months but that is the only one they have given a time on. We just get what they prescribe and take them as they say. The nurse said that hopefully within the next week or two, as long as Roy is doing good, they might be able to give us a day off from coming in every day. But so far Roy has to go in every day. I don't go in with him on Saturday and Sunday and I think I might not go in some of the other days either.

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