Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thurs - 2-25-10. Life has been rather boring but that is fine and that is the reason I haven't written for a couple of weeks. Roy's blood work has been good enough so that he only has to have blood drawn 3xs a week for the last couple of weeks. His hemoglobin was low enough last week that he had a unit of blood but that is all he has had to have for a long time. He count was not as low as what they usually transfuse at but since he had that episode of shortness of breath about a month ago, they set his level higher to transfuse because they didn't want this happening again.

Also, the last couple of weeks I have been sending him by himself instead of me going with him and sitting for 3 hours while he gets a bag of fluid. I know, this probably isn't right but I was just getting worn down - after all I am older than he is. This morning he has an appointment with a pain doctor about his neck. He has had neck problems for about 18 months now - it is a herinated (sp) disc (is it 'c' or 'k'? - don't remember) and when he was in Topeka before we came down here, he had had a couple of injections of steriods (we think it was ) and that seemed to help but that is wearing off. They gave him a prescription for Darvon but that doesn't seem to help too much so the SCT doctor is sending him to a pain doctor. I told Roy this morning to be very frank and honest with them and whatever they want to do or give him, let them. He has kept saying up until this point that he just wanted to fight the leukemia and deal with his neck later but the doctor and everyone says they can do both at one time and it will make him feel better and be more enjoyable to be around.

Otherwise, nothing is new. A gal in an rv parked next to us is from Mineral Springs, Tx and is a quilter so we have hit a couple of quilt shops. Her husband is getting proton shots for prostate cancer and they will only be here through next week but it has been fun talking with her and going shopping.

The sun is shining this morning and the trees are starting to bud out. The weather man says it is about 10-15 degrees below normal here but it does seem nice. We ran out of propane in one tank during the night so went outside about 4a.m. and switched tanks so when Roy gets home today I will send him down to get the empty one filled. See that is our excitment. One day I did defrost the refrigerator and freezer part and cleaned the oven so I do do a little housework.

Roy is now at day 52 post transplant - that means 48 more to go so he is over halfway through. The doctor said last week that he is doing fantastic but he had a long way to go and I realize that but we are thankful for each day with no signs of rejection. His WBC and platlet count are both in the normal range - it is just his hemoglobin that is a bit low but it hasn't dropped really low.

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