Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct. 22, 2010. Just got home from Texas; Roy had his 3 month check up yesterday and it was great. The doctor was very pleased. In fact he too him off three of his meds and is tapering off on another one and is to quit another one when he has finished the current round. They also gave him 5 of his childhood immunization shots and will give him more in January when he goes back. In January they will do a bone marrow biopsy but there is no reason it won't be good. The doctor didn't say, but I would imagine after his appointment in January Roy will be going back once a year, but we'll see.

Roy's bother, the stem cell donor, is building a house in Axtel, east of where he lives now, and they had a break in with copper wire being stolen. Tommy, the brother, told Roy he would pour a concrete slab if Roy would come down and stay out by the house until they move in. I don't know if Roy will or not. i have things to do so I might send him down by himself. The Baker family is having a get together Thanksgiving day and I want to be here for that, since I'm the elder of my generation and helping with it.

Since Roy is good, Trudi, our daughter in Florida, wants us to come down for Christmas. I have told Roy I want to go but got no reaction so perhaps I will have to go by myself.

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